Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beach Running Sucks

I am in full agreement with the concept of beach running, how it seems idyllic and peaceful and has that connectedness to nature, etc....but the actual running itself, on sand, pretty much sucks.

Having just returned from the Outer Banks of NC for our annual vacation, my bias against beach running has again been reinforced. 

I tried another short stint, just up to the local pier and back (2 miles at most).  The slope of the beach, the softness of the sand (despite running just before low tide, the time of best sand compaction), the kicking of sand into my shoes and socks....I was happy to head to the roads and multi-use trail.

This sounds like the antithesis of all I'm about (nature etc.), but I am in the final analysis a practical guy who needs to get a long run in while at the beach.

Last year I did some trail running over at Nags Head Woods, so while that venue did not suit me this year, I will go definitely back next summer.  I'll just need to watch out for the water moccasins. (seriously).

(Cool tree at Nags Head Woods; photo credit here)


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