Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More on the Bonner Bridge (NC) Run

Yesterday I wrote about my run while on vacation at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The prime highlight was running across the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge.   It's maybe 2 miles long with the approaches.  Couple more observations about the run:

There was a “shoulder,” some 2’ or so to the outside of the painted line to delineate the right side of the traffic lane. Of course, I ran on the left facing traffic, but not wanting to be a mere 2’ from immortality, I always hopped up onto the 1’ high “sidewalk.” Said “sidewalk,” however, was little more than a foot wide, and the guardrail to my left was only then about thigh-high. I felt rather exposed and only hopped up there for the time it took a vehicle to pass.

This was a typical August run, meaning hazy, hot and humid, even though I started at 5:45 AM. What does that mean for the runner, specifically this runner?: sweat running down my ears, nose, elbows. And a new phenomenon I’d never experienced—sweat permeating and drenching my hat so thoroughly that droplets formed and fell from the bill of my cap.

Right before the bridge I veered in to the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center for some Dr. Pepper and a donut, plus to refill my water bottle. Gotta love this sport—Dr. Pepper and donuts!

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