Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coffee Mugs and Domestic Harmony

Here are two of our favorite coffee mugs.  Now, these were specially picked out for their images--while both are Van Gogh prints, I liked the painting of the room, while the bride liked the sunflowers.

(photo by Gary.  I don't know who made the mugs)

However, even if the mugs were identical, I would always know which one is the bride's.  See, she is always right, so whenever I am dealing with both of our coffee mugs I always place hers on the right.

It's pretty easy, actually.

Sunday morning...ah!!  We are enjoying our Cafe du Monde French roast on our newly expanded patio/pergola.  I order the coffee here (I have no financial interest).  Ever since a pre-Katrina trip to New Orleans in 2004 we got hooked on a love of the strong, bold coffee in the yellow can.


  1. Funnily enough I do exactly the same thing!

    The beauty is that when she looks at me bringing the cups in, from her point of view I'm alway right too!

  2. Andy, sounds like a blissful marriage of mutual respect!