Sunday, August 8, 2010

Milepost 35...and the Twilight Zone

This is where cars come to die.  Actually it's a range of miles, say from MP 29 to 37 along Interstate 81 in south-central PA, where it seems there always is a disabled car or two on any given day.

I'm not talking about wrecked cars, just disabled cars.

North or south of this point, there may be a stray disabled car or so pulled off onto the shoulder, but nothing like the regular appearance of dead cars that seem to populate this particular stretch of highway.  It's like the Bermuda Triangle for cars.

PA State Police investigate disabled cars and tag them, giving the owner a short period (24 hours?  48 hours?) to be removed before they supposedly will be towed and impounded.  So there's a regular turnover of vehicles, a steady stream of cars that give up the ghost along this highway.

I would not be surprised if I'd see this guy out there one day.  You see, Interstate 81 replaced the old north-south major road, US Route 11:

From a chilling Twilight Zone episode, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Minor incident on Highway 11 in Pennsylvania, perhaps to be filed away under accidents you walk away from. But from this moment on, Nan Adams's companion on a trip to California will be terror; her route – fear; her destination – quite unknown.

Nan Adams, age twenty-seven. She was driving to California, to Los Angeles. She didn't make it. There was a detour, through the Twilight Zone.

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