Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FREE BOOK: Richard Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth"

In honor of Banned Book Week, 25 Sep--2 Oct, and in defense of the free exchange of information, I am giving away my copy of a wonderfully readable book on the evidence for evolution. It is Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth (2009). You can read more, including an excerpt, at Dawkins' web site here (also the image credit).

UPDATE: Here is a post I did on Saturday re Banned Books Week.

I previously posted on this book here at Mister Tristan a couple weeks ago, citing Dawkins' marvelous imagery of ring tail lemurs hightailing it across Africa to Madagascar, leaving nary a trace anywhere along the way....

The Greatest Show on Earth is not banned, but author Dawkins' atheistic views certainly generate enough controversy that some folks undoubtedly would like to ban it or at least one of his other books, The God Delusion.

Here's how you win the book. Email me at MisterTristanBlog@gmail.com with a short para as to why you deserve this book. Include your name and snail mail address. I'll send the book to the person who seems most deserving to me.

Contest closes Sunday 3 Oct at noon EDT.  Don't blow off this opportunity--dash off a couple sentences and you could own it--free!  Good luck!

Note: the book is my personal copy, read but once, and is in excellent, near-new condition. I loved it but am downsizing my bookshelves, and would rather see it read by others instead on sitting on my shelf.

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