Monday, September 27, 2010

Products for the Compleat Ultrarunner

I mail order for a bunch of stuff, and predictably, I get a bunch of catalogs from having my contact info sold.  Some of these catalogs go right into the recycle bin, but others catch my eye for a closer look.

Such was the case with the catalog from an outfit called Kotula’s, subtitled The Guys With the Goods. See here for their main catalog site.

I want to call your attention to 2 items they sell, both of interest to Ultrarunners. The first, which we would use prior to a run, is the Off-Road Commode (bolding in blue is mine):

Bears will wish they had one! Every sportsman needs his own throne, and the Off-Road Commode fits the bill — with comfort and luxury to boot! Easily attaches to any 2in. receiver hitch and supports up to 500 lbs. The 1 5/16in. dia. steel tube seat is covered with soft, padded camo. A great gift for hunting, fishing and camping buddies! Not for use when vehicle is in motion. Can get slippery when wet.

Click on this product link AND once there, you should play the short video—it’s a hoot!

The second item comes into play after the run when it’s Miller time, the Giant Wine Glass.  Again, bolding in blue is mine:

Whether you prefer chardonnay or merlot, this is the wine glass you need. You can savor the flavor all night long as this glass can hold up to a full bottle of your favorite fruit of the vine. It's just the thing for a cozy night in.

Again, there is an accompanying short video, so by all means click on this link and once there, play this video as well for a laugh.


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