Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Night Running

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I need me a dose of night running about now.  I feel in a lull, because I am pressed for time due to some family medical stuff.  In fact, my available running time has pretty much flatlined. 

The medical stuff is all non-critical and non-life-threatening, thank goodness, and it all should turn out fine.  But for now it still is a very time consuming endeavor and I am wearing down somewhat mentally. 

I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the first opportunity I get (this weekend, I hope), I will plan a night run.  Running at night has a special enchantment and ability to recharge my batteries.  It's always worked for me as a means of getting back on track with a routine for my runs.

Hope to update you all with a tale of a successful run!



  1. Pls let us know what equip you use

  2. Michael,

    Most of my runs are on rural roads around my house. The recharge night run I have in mind is what I call my Harshman Road loop. This 5 mile loop is so rural that I only expect to be passed--total of both ways--by about 1 car per mile, max (this around 9 PM or so).

    So...I don't need any macho lights for this run and will only carry a 5-LED flashlight. I prefer to run this route in the dark (so as to preserve my night vision as much as possible) and will only turn it on when a car passes or if I hear a critter.

    On technical trails I use my Petzl MYO XP headlamp, the BEST running light on the planet. I reviewed it here last Jan on Mister Tristan:

    Well, actually that was more of a pre-review. Upon actual trail usage in training and at the Umstead 100, I LOVE it, it is WONDERFUL. Then this summer I took it to the beach (South Nags Head, Outer Banks of NC) and wore it on some of our night walks on the beach. In contrast to the more of a "tunnel" situation on a trail, when I used the Petzl on a open beach, it still lit things up big time.

    Long-winded reply, hope I addressed your question. If not, please comment again!