Monday, December 13, 2010

Tell Me Why Our Govt Isn't Paying ForThis?

Tell me why this is not paid for by the government who sent these servicemembers into harm's way?

The mission statement of Homes For Our Troops:

Building specially adapted homes for our severely injured veterans at no cost to the veterans we serve.

Q: Why on earth should a private entity be doing this?

A: Because it reduces and obscures the true cost of war.  Oh, also because our decision-makers are callous, craven haves, and injured servicemembers are have-nots.

Again I ask, and please, anyone, tell me, why is this NOT a service provided automatically by our government for vets needing this type of assistance?  So seriously wounded as to need specially adapted housing, why does not the government shoulder this burden?  It's an issue iof basic fairness, on a huge scale.

From the Homes For Our Troops newsletter:

As we celebrate our 6th Anniversary I would like to personally thank you for your generosity and support. You invested in the mission to support our injured heroes and together we have grown from a startup non profit in 2004, struggling to build awareness for our mission and to build our first home, into a strong military charity that is regarded as one of the best. With your support, we have been able to expand our program and give back some of the freedom and independence to more of our injured American heroes through barrier-free homes. Freedom and Independence. These are American treasures that our military heroes fight to protect for all and we made the promise to help rebuild their lives when they return home severely injured and in need.

I am proud to say we have built and donated more than 50 specially adapted homes and we have committed to building an additional 30 homes nationwide at this time. As the wars rage on, we are reminded that our work is far from complete and our Veterans are still coming home with catastrophic injuries each day. In 2010, let's rededicate ourselves to our mission in service to those that have given so much for their country and have asked for so little in return with a contribution. Choose a contribution level that works for you whether it's financial, volunteer time, or helping us raises awareness, it all makes a difference.

Thank you for your continued support, together we are keeping the promise.

Best Wishes, John Gonsalves

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