Monday, December 6, 2010

Diety, Sports...Ultrarunning

Among my running group, a link recently made for some conversation.  Seems that on the religious front, a high school football player was recently flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for pointing heavenward after a touchdown.

We debated for a couple of miles around the perimeter whether it's OK for a religious person to publicly demonstrate said religiosity.  We reached no consensus.

My tongue-in-cheek comment after all was said and done was this: most people would focus narrowly on the after-action reverent display. I think the true "unsportsmanlike" part would be the advantage accruing from invoking deity for yours or your team's benefit (translated: unfair to have God on your side...after all, the omnipotence thing, you know).

I can say that I have not personally witnessed any such demonstrations at any of the ultra finish lines I have crossed.  But I'd be OK with it--different strokes for different folks, and so on....

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