Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Well, cross that one off my bucket list.  I’ve now experienced an earthquake, a pretty rare occurrence here in Pennsylvania. 

News reports tell us that the magnitude 5.9 quake occurred at 1:51 pm Tues 23 August, was centered about 40 miles northwest of Richmond VA, and was felt throughout the northeast.  I was home on my regular telework day, leaning against the island in my kitchen, and felt the island and floor shake strongly for a couple seconds.  Nothing fell and there was no damage to the house.

I have traveled extensively to the west coast, Hawaii, and Japan, and always wanted to experience (in a non-threatening way, of course) an earthquake.  I guess it was meant to be here in my own home, I guess.

Speaking of natural phenomena, I’ve been up close and personal with flowing lava from a few feet away, and that was a scary experience.  Now, if I could only see a tornado….

(Note: This is old hat to many of you, but not to me, so pardon me for thinking it was a big deal. And if any of you have had a negative personal experience with natural phenomena, please don’t think I am being cavalier or insensitive to possible death and destruction.  It was the perfect benign way to experience an earthquake).


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