Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Sirius/XM Radio: The Coffeehouse

A couple weeks back I was listening to XM channel 31, The Coffeehouse, during a work road trip to Pittsburgh.  The are self-described as playing acoustic, singer-songwriter tunes.

Usually I listen to Classic Vinyl, plus the 60s and 70s channels, but that day I was more interested in the wistful, the painful, the playful, and the bittersweet, and opted for 6 solid hours of The Coffeehouse.  I was rewarded by a thoughtful blend of passionate and expressive lyrics, with emphasis on the intellectual rather than the visceral.

As a result I'm now a committed Edie Brickell fan, and have even bought her latest album (simply called, Edie Brickell) for my iPod.  I can’t get enough of Waiting for Me, a catchy, perky tune that keeps playing in my head.  I was unsuccessful at snagging a clip of it, although you can find it on the iTunes site as a preview.

Next trip, my mood may well be quite different, and classic rock will float my boat.  That's the beauty of music--you can always find a style to match your mood.


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