Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ultrarunning Replaced by Ferret Legging

I'm done with running, period. I'm throwing my total allegiance to the sport of Ferret Legging.

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In the sport of ferret legging, competitors tie their trousers at the ankles before placing two ferrets inside and securely fastening their belts to prevent the ferrets from escaping. Each competitor then stands in front of the judges for as long as he can.

The sport is said to involve very little "native skill", simply an ability to "have your tool bitten and not care". The current world champion, Reg Mellor, is credited with instituting the practice of wearing white trousers in ferret legging matches, to better display the blood from the wounds caused by the animals. Competitors can attempt, from outside their trousers, to dislodge the ferrets, but as the animals can maintain a strong hold for long periods, their removal can be difficult.

The ferrets are occasionally put inside the contestants' shirts in addition to their trousers. An attempt to introduce a female version of the sport--ferret busting, in which female contestants introduced ferrets down their blouses--proved unsuccessful.

Nothing else for me to add.  I just need me a couple ferrets to get started.  I should have the free time now that all those hours formerly spent on the trail are available for me to use for other things.


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