Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolution...and Ultrarunning

[Not my actual Bowflex machine, but one just like it.  Image credit here: two tabs will open--close the stupid Lycos Yellow pages tab and look at the other green one]

Not my actual body either, but one just like it...yeah, right!  Image credit here]

Well, 2012 is upon us, and unlike many of us who pooh-pooh New Year's resolutions, I happen to love them.  I believe in changes, I believe in watershed events, I believe in milestones, so the notion of making a promise to yourself at the symbolic start of a new year resonates with me.

Of course, you could make yourself a promise anytime, but somehow a New Year's resolution carries more weight.  Or something.

My Bowflex PowerPro machine has lived in my basement for 15+ years.  I use it sporadically, typically starting  about 3 months before a major ultra (50 or 100 miles).  I use it to strengthen my legs and to also strengthen my upper body, which really helps me in the latter stages of a long race.

Here's one specific benefit example.  I tend to run with my shoulders hunched up a bit, and usually after some hours of running I even have trouble looking down at my shoes to see whether they are untied.  Not so if my upper body (back, shoulders, etc.) has been toned.

So....I am fully aware of the benefits that would accrue if I would do year-round exercise to strengthen and tone my body.  Thus, Bowflex it is, a 3x a week commitment to myself.  Today's the day!


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