Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My New Ultra License Plate

[Photo by Mister Tristan, the now-4-year-old human being, not the blog]

Back in the Nov 2011 issue of UltraRunning my article on ultra license plates was published.

To celebrate the event, I went ahead and got the ultra plate that I was considering:  RUN 50X2.  Here in PA, RUN 100S was already taken.

I should confess that for most of my adult life I have kinda looked down upon people who do personalized plates as narcissistic jerks.  See, by now referring to them as "personalized plates" and not calling them "vanity plates" I am already distancing myself from my former position.

Truth be told, I like to think I now have a broader perspective and have simply changed my mind on the subject.  I fit into the category I identified in my article as "Identifying as an Ultrarunner."  Now all I have to do is to flash the plate around at some races...so people can either categorize me as a jerk or as a seasoned Ultrarunner. 

Doesn't matter--I got the plate to celebrate an accomplishment of which I am very proud--publication of an article in a national magazine.


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