Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ultrarunning Article!!!

(photo credit: Stan Jensen)

I am SO fired up!

Just got my November issue of UltraRunning magazine, and there on page 32, big as you please, was my article on Ultra license plates.

Over a year in the making, I posted a note to the UltraList back in Nov 2010 asking for photos of ultra-related license plates.  I got a number of great photos and took a few months to try to craft an article around the themes that emerged.  It took a few more months on the UR end to massage my draft and fit it into their publishing scheme.

The overarching theme that came to me was “Commitment and Pride.”  This was actually my suggested title for the piece, although the UR managing editor, Tia Bodington, went with “License Plates in the Ultra World.”   In scoping out the plates, 4 sub-themes stood out to me:

  • Acknowledging the sport of ultrarunning
  • Identifying  as an ultrarunner
  • Espousing the concept and philosophy of ultrarunning
  • The Secret Message
I’ve had other articles published (a couple pieces of research on Southern infantry units at Gettysburg; the role of a free press in covering war) but this one is special, big time.

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