Monday, November 7, 2011

Jag-waters...and Ultrarunning

Photo credit Mister Tristan (the 3-year old human being, not the blog).  Seriously.  He loves cameras.

Mister Tristan loves the character Diego from Nick Jr.  The photos above depicts a downloadable coloring book page of a baby jaguar.

Only Mister Tristan mispronounces it, saying "Jag-water."

The bride and I once undertook a semi-adventure vacation to Belize in Central America.  One of the places where we went was the Cockscomb Basin, a jaguar preserve.  Our guide took us out multiple times to different locations over a couple days and nights, without success (the jaguar sighting rate is maybe 5%, so that result was what I expected). 

But we did see some fresh jaguar tracks--they are HUGE--and I could well imagine that we were under surveillance.

Anyway, a trip to Belize needs to be in Mister Tristan's he can have a chance to see a Jag-water.

The Cockscomb Basin is full of trails, and although trail running was not part of the last trip, perhaps next time....


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