Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The UGLIEST Race Shirt Ever...or Good Luck, JFK Runners!

Photo by Gary

This JFK 50 Miler shirt would have been from 2006, I think.  I wore it exactly one time, just to model it for my running buddies, to gain their consensus that, yes, this was the ugliest race T-shirt that any of us had ever seen.


The fact that I still have it is that my car waxing and oil change efforts have slowed a bit, so this particular rag hasn't made it to the the top of the rag pile yet.

The 2009 shirt, my last and final running, was a nice short-sleeved technical shirt. 

Why never to run JFK again?  Well, it has to do with the race being very popular and fills quickly.  Race management had to somehow limit entries or otherwise make them more manageable.

Historically JFK did have a grandfather clause that anyone with 5 finishes would be offered entry if they wanted it.  But when I went to sign up for 2010...I saw where the 5-finishes-grandfathered rule had now been extended to 10 finishes.

Oh, and the entry fee went to $195.

Hey, race management sets up the rules for their race, I'm fine with that.  You can choose to enter or not.  I'm now in the "or not" camp.

That said, the race is THIS SATURDAY, 19 November, and I will be beaming good karma south to all runners!


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