Thursday, November 3, 2011

Farewell, Halloween...and Ultrarunning

Sorry for the semi-blurriness, but my camera had a hard time figuring out which spot to auto-focus upon in the dark.

I've carved this particular jack-o-lantern a couple times.  It's actually quite easy and gives a pretty striking result. I always cut out the bottom of the pumpkin for access rather than a plug out of the top, but when a friend was over the other day she had never heard of doing that.

I don't know whether top- or bottom cutting is normal, but since I cut the bottom out, I suspect that top-cutting must be the norm.

Oh, and the nexus to Ultrarunning?  Very little, truth be told, except that for some inexplicable reason, I want to link it to what we wear on the trail.

For many of us, our running outfits run counter to the norm, like the pumpkin cutting example above.  Comfort and utility trump fashion.  I want my trail outfit not to be the runner's equivalent of LL Bean or Eddie Bauer, but rather a functional get-up that works well across a variety of possible conditions.

That generally means layers, zippers, bandanas, and hats.  Thicker and more of them if it's cold.  Plus I've found that the vest is a remarkably versatile garment that I like to add to my attire if it's cool.


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