Thursday, November 24, 2011

Millionaires...and Ultrarunning

Via Rising Hegemon, who got it from Chris Piascik at Daily Kos.

Most people in Congress are very, very wealthy. It's the natural by-product of a campaign system engineered by and for the benefit of the richest Americans. Campaigning after all is a 24/7 job, and few members of the 99% can afford to balance the time constraints of fundraising and campaigning without quitting their normal income-producing job. It's why running for Congress is a rich person's game. It's why we end up with charts like the one above.

We will never get empathy from Congress (beyond a few sentient members) because they just don't get our plight.  They are too comfortable, too far removed from paycheck-to-paycheck living, having secure incomes and health care, never treading the edge of being only a single misfortune away from financial ruin.  It's bad, and getting worse.

And the link to Ultrarunning?  Sounds sappy, but since I'll never be a millionaire, I'll have to be satisfied with the treasures of the trail. 

Once, long ago, I read something to the effect that when you die, your last thoughts are of beaches and sunsets, not the first time you bought stock or opened a checking account.

So we Ultrarunners will have a lot of memories to choose from, should we have the luxury of being conscious at the time of thinking our last thoughts....


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