Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where I Run: Mason-Dixon Line Marker (Mile105)

I posted about a month ago on the Mile 100 Mason-Dixon Line marker that I had just visited and photographed.  Here's another one, Mile 105.

[photo by Gary]

This is a "crown stone" placed every 5 miles, meaning that bears the crests of the Calverts and the Penns in lieu of the usual "M" and "P", respectively.  The north-facing crest visible here is that of the Penn family of Pennsylvania.  For scale, the stone is about knee-high.

Immediately behind the stone (this view is facing south) the pasture in inhabited by...llamas, unknown in these parts in the 1760s:

This is a great site for on-the-ground stone location information. I've found it very useful and specific.

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