Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Stupid Fire

I have previously blogged twice about local stupid fire stories, which surely will garner a Pulitzer Prize for the Chambersburg Public Opinion, my local newspaper.

In case you failed to bookmark those great posts, those stories were "Flaming Boxer Shorts Used to Start Fire" and "Blowing Up a Car With Flaming Tampons."

Anyway, from the 9 Dec edition of the Public Opinion, a third landmark story: "Drunk, Bored, Tired Man Admits to Car Arson":

A Waynesboro man who admitted to setting a woman's car on fire when he was "drunk, bored and tired" is set for a preliminary hearing in Franklin County Court Tuesday.
 Vito Anthony Marchese, 57, reportedly told police he was jealous of a man he thinks "may have a thing going" with the woman who owns the car. He communicated with police by writing notes because he is deaf and mute.
Waynesboro Police Sgt. Michael W. Bock, a certified fire and explosive investigator, was asked to investigate the vehicle fire on 23 N. Church St., Waynesboro Aug. 22.
The vehicle - a 2006 Dodge Stratus - had a rag hanging out of the fuel fill on the driver's side of the vehicle. Firefighters put out the fire with a small amount of water to preserve any evidence, Bock said.
Upon investigation, Bock suspected that someone intentionally started the fire.

Emphasis was mine in the final para above. Do ya think? Or did a flaming rag just kinda innocently make its way into the gas fill pipe?

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