Saturday, December 1, 2012

The NFL...and Ultrarunning

I have a hyperdeveloped sense of fair play, and never have cared for the New England Patriots (Steeler fan here, having grown up in western PA).  So the cheating scandal in 2007 that swirled around Patriot's head coach Bill Belichick merely reinforced my dislike for the team and the man.
I was just reminded again of the scandal by reading something in my local paper this week.  The sports section of my local paper (Chambersburg Public Opinion) carries a short blurb daily entitled “Say What?”, always humorous or thought-provoking. Here is the entry from a couple days ago, and sums up why the Patriots SUCK, forever and always:

“The longer Bill Belichick goes without winning a Super Bowl after the NFL put an end to his intricate spying operation, the more a case can be made that his championships deserve an asterisk.”  -- Gary Meyers, NY Daily News columnist.

The link to Ultrarunning (as I probably have said here before) is that the sport is relatively pure.  I don't personally know of a single participant who has cheated or would cheat.  And it's not just a matter of there not simply being any incentive for a middle-pack runner to cheat--I sincerely believe that even if there were some financial or other reward, the runners I know still would not do it.

Even if they were the only ones to know.  See, they pay attention to that still, small voice inside that tells you right from wrong (see related post here).


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