Monday, February 11, 2013

Menacing Dogs

I just got back from running 10, as I also did yesterday and will do again tomorrow.  Three 10s on successive days will serve as a means of stress training in prep for the Seneca Creek 50K (Maryland) on 2 March. 
Today as I neared the end of the run, a BIG German Shepherd and his smaller friend, a herding-type breed, came screaming out of a farm lane and encircled me.  Initially I was scared--and actually pulled out the flat folding knife I always carry for dog protection--but it soon became apparent that these dogs were just playing the territorial game and were not a serious threat.  The initial frenzied barking changed in character; they became playful and seemingly just wanted a human buddy.
Nevertheless I kept talking to them in what I hoped was a soothing voice, made no sudden moves, and kept on walking slowly down the road.  Eventually I was able to trot slowly and reached a point where I figured the dogs would back off and return to base.
Except they didn't.  Although the smaller herding dog did stop, the German Shepherd followed me for over a mile.   I finally gave up and ran back with him to the farm and dropped him off with the farmer…but when I exited the farm (this time going cross-country across the fields to reach my house about ½ mile away as the crow flies) he followed me again right to my house.

I gave up and went inside, trusting that he’d be smart enough to re-cross the fields to get back home.
I don't want to be mean to these dogs, but am uncertain on how to handle them next time I run by the farm.

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