Saturday, February 9, 2013

Proof that the Apocalypse is Upon Us

Via ThinkProgress, what seems to be to be some misplaced priorities:
Students in Missouri have no sexual education requirement, so there’s a good chance they don’t know how to properly protect themselves from STIs or unintended pregnancy. Soon, though, they may be able to protect themselves from guns.
Missouri state Senate is considering a bill that would require all first graders in the state to take a gun safety training course. Using a grant provided by the National Rifle Association, it would put a “National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program” instructor in every first grade classroom.

The irony that there’s no requirement for students to learn about their bodies — but that there is one for deadly weapons — seems lost on the legislators proposing the measure, one of whom lamented, “I hate mandates as much as anyone, but some concerns and conditions rise to the level of needing a mandate.”

As a former career Federal employee, I always thought that the government in general and government workers typically get a bad rap--easy target and all that. 

Actually, the truth is that with government we get civilization.

So I like to always presume the default position that our government officials really do have the common good in mind.  However, along the way it's easy to get wrapped around the axle and lose sight of the bigger picture.


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