Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Incisive Coverage of "POSTED" Signs...and Ultrarunning

Well, I happened to have my camera when yet another abuse of the concept of No Trespassing hove into view.

My previous rants about using the word "POSTED" on a sign to denote "KEEP OUT" or "NO TRESPASSING" are here and here

Another prime example:
From a distance, all this sign means is that the property has signs on it.
It's the fine print carries the real intent:
But the way I read this sign, running would be OK.  See, I get the prohibition on hunting, fishing, and trapping...but then  the sign goes on to also include "...TRESPASSING FOR ANY PURPOSE...."
Since we all know that Ultrarunning--which mostly is running long distances in the woods--is a sport inherently without purpose, then it must be OK to do it on property otherwise closed to other activities.

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