Friday, February 22, 2013

Where I Run: To the Garage

Not my garage; that's attached to the north end of my house (it'd be a rather short run).  But running to and from the garage that works on my vehicles, which is situated some 10 miles away--what I'd call a perfect "destination run."

My truck was in for its annual PA state inspection, and picking it up was presenting some logistical difficulties.  So after dropping Mister Tristan (the 5-year-old human being, not the blog) off at preschool, I had about 2:15 before I again had to be back for pick-up. 

So I ran down for the truck.  I say "down" just because the direction is south.  I know it's no more down than it is up--much like it seems like the Nile River cannot possibly flow's uphill, for crying out loud!--but nevertheless that's the way it feels.

Along the way I snapped a shot of the Whitetail Ski Resort (Mercersburg, PA), as viewed from near my house across the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks:

Then the local school district's environmental center, where a large limestone spring rises, forms a pool, then eventually exits via a very cold 5' diameter water wheel:


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