Friday, March 29, 2013

A Mean Little Run, Again

Yesterday I headed over to my Clay Hill 5 Miler, that I previously blogged about here.

It remains a Mean Little Run, for what I previously wrote was true again: go up a lengthy hill, not high, but long and rolling, with a couple of false summits along the way. I know the route well, so am not faked out by the false summits, it’s just that the hill seemingly rolls on and on and on. Then the road heads into the woods—what my kids call a “slinky road,” completely shaded, with the trees almost touching overhead. That part is pleasant…until another long uphill, again with a couple false summits to demoralize you.
The actual length of these 2 hills, and their height, are not really very significant, but just seem to be.

For whatever reason, this run has it in for me.  So that's why I keep going back.  I'm a bit stubborn about stuff like that.


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