Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Slight Problem for Easter...and Ultrarunning

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With a small horde of small relatives descending upon the bride and me on Saturday for our extended family Easter celebration, I hope that the powers that be can provide a suitable substitute in time.
As for Ultrarunning, rabbits and squirrels are the most common roadkills I see in my local road runs.  Possums are probably a close third.
The most interesting roadkill I ever saw was in Texas.  While on a business trip I made an unfortunate choice of routes to get from Texarkana to see the Red River.  I was running along a 4-lane highway that had an adequate but not very generous shoulder, and the incessant lumber trucks were making me crazy.
So I opted to run along the adjacent railroad tracks.  There between the tracks I saw a roadkilled armadillo--the first armadillo I had ever seen, dead or alive, outside a zoo.  I figured that this must have been one dumb critter and one dumb species to have been killed by a train.

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