Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another Reason To Go On Living...and Ultrarunning

Via TPM LiveWire come the following news:

The National Rifle Association will serve as the title sponsor for a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race in April, the Associated Press reported.
Under the one-year agreement, the race scheduled to be held April 13 at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas will be known as the "NRA 500."

Double whammy here.  Not only do we have a non-sport masquerading as a sport, we have a sociopathic corporate sponsor.  One that would rather consider the death of children a sad but necessary price of maintaining the freedom to possess any type of weapon you damn well choose.  And when rational people want to have an informed discussion about gun safety, the NRA fans the flames of fear and hysteria.

This obviously is a hot-button issue for me.  I'm sure that many Ultrarunners are safe and responsible gun owners, and I don't want to alienate those folks.  But to cast your lot with the NRA is over the top, in my humble opinion.


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