Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Golf Ball...and a Frightening Theory

This one was found by Mister Tristan (the 5-year old human being, not the blog) as we took a short stroll along the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks about half a mile from my home:

As is the case with nearly all of my previous golf-ball-find reporting, this one was not near any homes and certainly nowhere near any golf course.
The ubiquitousness of finding golf balls in unlikely places now leads me to consider some formerly outlandish theories.  I'm beginning to suspect that they are alien eggs, prepositioned, awaiting a hidden signal, and when they all hatch en masse there will be hell to pay for mankind.
My last installment of golf ball find coverage was here.  And it was less than 2 weeks ago.  The alien apocalypse may be nearer than we think.

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