Monday, August 19, 2013

Drones, or Cause and Effect

From our friends at Shakesville, some common sense: 

"The consequence of drone strikes has been to radicalize an entirely new generation."-U.N. Special Rapporteur on drones, British lawyer Ben Emmerson. 

And Emmersen, whose "legal insights will form the basis of his report to the U.N., expected later this year," has an additional warning about the long-term effects of the US' drone program: 

Emmerson says the drone strikes are illegal under international law as they violate Pakistan's sovereignty and fly in the face of Pakistani government calls for them to desist -- and that they also legalize al Qaeda's fight against America. 

He said: "If it is lawful for the U.S. to drone al Qaeda associates whereever they find them, then it is also lawful for al Qaeda to target U.S. military or infrastructure where ever (militants) find them."

Cause and effect: it's just not that hard. 

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