Friday, August 23, 2013

Post-Vacation Blues...and Ultrarunning

The bride and I, plus some heirs to the estate (including Mister Tristan, the 5-year old human being, not the blog), just returned from a wonderful week at Ocracoke Island, NC.

Coming back to the real world seems particularly jarring this year.  Which means that the vacation was indeed special.

We've been vacationing at the Outer Banks for the past 3 decades, but had not stayed on Ocracoke Island since the 70s.  It's south of Cape Hatteras and only reachable via ferry.  The island is some 12 miles or so long, and the village of Ocracoke sits near the southern end.  The village is constrained by the National Seashore and so is of finite size, which limits its development and keeps it rather quaint and charming.

I don't have access to my photos at the moment but will post more soon.

Oh, the connection to Ultrarunning?  I ran exactly once during vacation, an easy 5 miler.  Not exactly a strong training base, but it was the amount I felt like running.  After all, I was on vacation.

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