Thursday, August 8, 2013

Feel Safer Now (NSA Stuff)?

From our pal, the Earth Bound Misfit (on 2 Aug, link here), a quantification of the terror-disrupting benefits of all that illegal NSA spying:

So, How Many Terrorist Plots Been Disrupted Because the NSA has Been Collecting the Phone Records of All Americans For the Past Dozen Years?

You might recall that the NSA has claimed to have disrupted 54 terrorist plots or "dozens."

Well, NSA deputy director John Inglis revised that number at a Senate hearing two days ago all the way down to one plot, maybe.

Really. Thousands of NSA analysts, Lord knows how many contractors are sucking at that particular teat, they are building a new server farm the size of Rhode Island and all they can show for that effort is that they uncovered one plot?

Feel safer now?

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