Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Mexico's Unfortunate Nickname...and Ultrarunning

Across these wonderful 50 United States of America, here in the northeast we see such inspirational state nicknames as the "Keystone State" (Pennsylvania); the "Empire State" (New York); the "Monumental State" (Maryland); the "Old Granite State" (New Hampshire); and the "Green Mountain State" (Vermont), just to name a few.

But head out west, waaaaay out west, all the way to New Mexico, where we learn that that state's nickname is the "Vermin State."

Yes, the Vermin State.  Seriously?

Better get the Chamber of Commerce on that pronto, if they can spare some time away from trying to keep the minimum wage suppressed and blindly opposing sensible safeguards and regulations as being anti-business.

The link to Ultrarunning is that I had a couple of business trips to New Mexico where I fully appreciated its license plate nickname: "Land of Enchantment."  I did a couple of memorable runs at White Sands and near Carlsbad Caverns, both of which will absolutely knock your socks off.

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