Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Good Day of Snowblowing

image credit Gary

The big storm affecting the northeast was more of a coastal even, thus we here in south-central PA got brushed.  My accumulation was perhaps 5" max.

So, being retired, I can pick and choose when I clear my driveway: gone are the days of getting up at 0-dark-thirty to get the driveway open before work, so that it could finish melting during the day.  See, we're on a hill and partly shaded, so I need to maximize whatever solar benefits I can get.

Back to this snowfall.  I call it "a good day of snowblowing" because I went out there with 9 fingers and came back with 9.  The background story is here if you care to read it.

Also, 2 of our kitties went out in the snow, but when only one came back right way I went tracking (otherwise she was likely to sneak into the attached shed when I got the snowblower out, from which she is hard to coax out).

I followed her tracks from her exit point of the house, around the house clockwise, with a pit stop in a flower bed.  She meandered back and forth but stayed in very close proximity to the house.  In a matter of a couple minutes I saw her at the end of the tracks I was following and called softly, whereupon she came running to be "rescued" from the snow.

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