Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winery Cat

Went with some friends on Sunday to the Adams County Winery near Orrtanna, PA.  It's less than an hour from my home.  They had an event where they served soup and bread--along with, of course, a glass of wine!

Anyway, outside the main entrance I was struck by this ceramic cat, that stood approximately 3' tall:

Image credit Gary

Now all they need are some live kitties to wander amongst the guests inside!

By the way, the winery features a pair of wines called Tears of Gettysburg (white) and Rebel Red, which I think are the staples of their wine list.  But both the bride and I just loved a newer offering called Stray Cat Strut (white), which we sampled simply because of the name.

It was wonderful--meaning very fruity and intense with a strong grape flavor--so of course some came home with us.  The winery describes it thusly:

A refreshingly crisp, fruity Catawba wine with hints of grapefruit. A perfect wine for any occasion.     

If you're in the neighborhood you should make a stop, by all means.

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