Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Gold Rush Prayer

Image credit Discovery Channel

I have a love-hate  (but mostly hate) relationship to the TV show Gold Rush.  I most recently posted about it here, wherein I am incredulous about the shameless manner in which the otherwise kindly old Grandfather Jack cravenly prays for gold, with the following prayer:

Heavenly Father,
We ask that the gold will just pop out of the ground.
Lord that you would show us the good spots.
Bless us and we pray it in your name.

Well, in the episode that aired a week ago (2 January 2014, Episode 11 of Season 5), Grandfather Jack is praying away yet again.  See, in a classic case of cutting corners, the dirt road--over which the rock truck drivers had to haul the gravel to feed the wash plant--was built too narrowly, and was posing a hazard to the drivers.

In addition, the hauling operation was undersized (i.e., needing more trucks for more throughput).  Thus in addition to driving on a poorly designed and unsafe road, the hapless drivers were expected to go balls-to-the-wall to get the pay dirt from the load point to the wash plant FAST...lest the wash plant would be running at less than full capacity.

After a near sideswipe on the too-narrow road, the drivers rightfully complained.  Unsurprisingly, the Hoffman crew management didn't even listen, basically telling them to stop being such babies.  Finally, after the drivers threatened to walk off the job, one of the bosses, Dave, took a good look at the situation (of expecting too much throughput over a shitty pipeline) and saw the light.   Perhaps God opened Dave's eyes to the problem?

At any rate, with the road improved and operations resumed, Grandfather Jack offered another prayer:

Give our rock truck drivers safety and help them to speedily get back to the plant.
Lord, help the plant to just gobble it up and put the gold in the box here.

I like the part where Jack helpfully directs the Supreme Being as to where to deposit the gold.

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