Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pathetic Mermaid

I had planned on heading over to "my" Reese Hollow Trail and Shelter today for some work on improving the trail from the shelter up to the privy.  The privy trail is quite obvious during the day, but for navigation in the dark, I want to edge the trail with rocks and logs to help folks remain on the path.

Certainly not a requirement; just a nice touch.

Unfortunately today we got an unexpected 4" of snow, when only a dusting was called for.  Since the trail and the planned building materials (rocks, logs) are buried, I waved off today's trip and will try next week.  In the meanwhile, I took some photos around my place here in south-central PA.  I LOVE snow photography! (all images credit Gary)

The mermaid is a cast iron statue, maybe 30” from flippers to head.  She’s bent in the middle so she sits, and all summer she enjoys her perch beside the waterfall at the water garden…but come winter, she pays the price!

The snowman gourd is one we grew and then painted.  It’s about 10” tall.  He obviously likes the snow better than the mermaid does.

Lastly is the view out our bedroom window to our bird feeding station.  On the left is the Audubon birdcam pointed at a block of suet on the post in the middle.  The sunflower seed feeder is to the right inside the wrought iron hemispherical piece.

I've been experimenting with the automatic birdcam to ascertain exactly where the sweet spot is on focal distance to get an absolutely clear and sharp image.  I'll run the camera  for a few days, view the photos, move it an inch in or out, then try again.  I'm planning to do a post soon with the best images.

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