Monday, November 29, 2010

The Final 10 Miles of a 100 Mile Race...

Loved this from Ultrarunning Magazine, the September 2010 issue (pg 47):

It's not easy to describe the experience of the final ten miles of a 100-mile race. Presumably, many reasons lead people to push themselves to the horizons of their perceived limits, not knowing - like Columbus - whether they’ll fall off the edge or just keep sailing until they discover unexplored territories. One rarely sees a human being - at least in our more technological and "comfortized" world – stripped so bare, where life is about basic needs and the simple premise of continuing to move forward, towards a clearly-defined, but ever-elusive goal.

- Ron Abramson, Vermont 100 pacer for Kami Semick

Brilliant--I can't really add to that.  We seek the edge, and thru running we can find it.  I've gone 100 miles three times, and each one was truly a voyage of discovery.

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