Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Memoriam

From Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars, we learn of the deaths of 18 more of America's youth:

US Air Force SrA Andrew S Bubacz, 23, Dalzell, SC
US Army CPL Shawn D Fannin, 32, Wheelersberg, OH
US Army SGT Edward H Bolen, 25, Chittenango, NY
US Army SPC Shannon Chihuahua, 25, Thomasville, GA
US Army SPC David C Lutes, 28, Frostberg, MD
US Army SSG Juan L Rivadeneira, 27, Davie, FL
US Army CPL Jacob R Carver, 20, Freeman, MO
US Army SPC Jacob C Carroll, 20, Clemmons, NC
US Army SSG Kevin M Pape, 30, Fort Wayne, IN
US Marines SSgt Javier O Ortiz Rivera, 26, Rochester, NY
US Army SPC Shane H Ahmed, 31, Chesterfield, MI
US Army SPC Nathan E Lillard, 26, Knoxville, TN
US Army SPC Scott T Nagorski, 27, Greenfield, WI
US Army SPC Jesse A Snow, 25, Fairborn, OH
US Army PFC Christian M Warriner, 19, Mills River, NC
US Army SSG David P Senft, 27, Grass Valley, CA
US Army PFC Kyle M Holder, 18, Conroe, TX
US Army SPC Justin E Culbreth, 26, Colorado Springs, CO

No end is in sight.  I recall back at the height of the Vietnam War when my Dad and his Uncle Harry were discussing the war (Dad being pro-war and Uncle Harry, once pro-war, had finally reached the tipping point).  Uncle Harry said, "My God, Jack, we lost 500 boys last week!"  That overheard conversation was also my tipping point.

The numbers in Afghanistan are orders of magnitude smaller, but for those families that will be forever changed, the deaths are every bit as devastating. 

No end is in sight.


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