Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Tech-Using Time Travelers Spotted in Archival Film Footage

If you are not currently a Boing Boing reader, you should be.  The combination of geek and tech and contemporary society is marvelous.

Here is a terrific example.  I can say that I spent an enjoyable, fun half hour clicking thru all the links:

My co-editor Mark recently caused quite a stir here on Boing Boing when he blogged this highly controversial clip of a female figure clearly talking into a cell phone in 1928 footage of people lining up for the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's movie The Circus. 
Disbelievers gotta disbelieve, but with a new week comes new evidence: not one, but two new videos of time-travelers in footage of yore. In the video above, a very, very early adopter of Apple products.

I'm sure not ready to become a born-again Time Travel conspiracist, but I certainly can't explain the 1928 Charlie Chaplin clip where the woman is talking on a cell phone.

No Ultra content, just geekiness.


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