Friday, November 12, 2010

Snakes and Running

I love me some critters (I do have a MS in Biology that I've never used professionally, just as a hobby).  Yesterday's run brought a first--I carried a garter snake home, running with it some 6 miles--to show to Mister Tristan (the human being, not the blog).

I've previously posted on how I "mine" the local fields for limestone rocks to use in dry stone walls and flower beds.  Well, I was off on Thursday for Veteran's Armistice Day, and I had the bride drop me off on her way to work so I could run home from there.

I made my way home along Fort Stouffer Road, where I saw a pile of rocks along an embankment.  I pulled them close to the road for later pick up with the pickup (I'm pleased with that turn of a phrase!).  Under one of the rocks was a very cold and immobilized garter snake.  The overnight low was about 30 degrees and had not warmed up much by 7:30 am. 

I slipped it into the pocket of my running vest and zipped it shut.  I doubted the snake would warm up enough to become mobile but I didn't want to risk losing it.

Well, Mister Tristan, at age 2 years 8 months not only showed little fear, he almost immediately wanted to hold the snake.

Then he graciously let me hold it.

Oh--and later I did take the snake back to the scene of the capture.
(all photos by Gary)


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