Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tales From The Perimeter: Chuck Norris, and Thanksgiving

Perimeter meaning the 6 mile patrol road inside the fence of the military installation on which I work, where some half a dozen of us comprise a pool of running “talent” and strive to show up for a noontime run a couple times a week if we can escape our desks. We share a lot and these guys are one of the core pillars of my sanity. See also here for a previous post that I sorta like.

A quick story from last week. Here's an email I sent after the fact to my lunchtime running buddies:

Despite the howling gale, I ran alone on Wed to uphold the honor of the tribe.

Back to Tuesday's run in the rain (KK, JH and I being the hardy ones), I have a profound observation: we got wet. But if Chuck Norris had run with us, he wouldn't have gotten wet--the rain would have gotten Chuck Norrised.

This makes 2 runs in a row with less than optimal conditions. I'm glad I'm a macho man. Today should be a pretty fine day to run, see ya later.


I love these guys, with whom we have literally shared blood, sweat, and tears. My Thanksgiving wish for you out there is that you are fortunate enough to have running buddies in your life who are half the people these guys are.

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