Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tales From the Perimeter: Go On Without Me

Perimeter meaning the 6 mile patrol road inside the fence of the military installation on which I work, where some half a dozen of us comprise a pool of running “talent” and strive to show up for a noontime run a couple times a week if we can escape our desks. We share a lot and these guys are one of the core pillars of my sanity.

This is a typical "touching base" email that we send among ourselves to see who is running on any given day.


I have a 10:00 AM meeting that I will characterize as "sh*t-meeting-fan" on the xxxxxxxxxx project. Thankfully, I should be one of the peanut gallery members as opposed to one of the targets.

It will undoubtedly run into the lunch hour, so don't wait up for me.


In hindsight, I should have attached the following (credit here).

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