Monday, March 1, 2010

Umstead Update--4 Weeks to Go

Less than 4 weeks to go until the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run on 27 March.

My super-duper training plan is here.  My last week's update (5 weeks to go) is here.
Training proceeds more or less as planned. This weekend just concluded I had planned a 30-miler, and executed a 25 miler.  I simply did not have sufficient time to allot to this run, which would have taken some 6 hours.  I was on the road about 5 am and needed to be back at the house around 10 am.  Thus my window was about 5 hours, which on this day suited me just fine, as I did not have it today.
Just felt sluggish on the second half of the run, and devoid of energy.  Doing lots of coughing, and the temp today was about 32 F, so extreme cold was not a factor.  Seeing the house was quite a relief.
I think I may be having a recurrence of bronchitis, which I had a couple months ago. Plus Mister Tristan has been ill for a week with a cold and gastrointestinal problems (I'm being delicate here).  Doc checked him out and both afflictions are viral and just have to run their course.  I wonder if I may be affected a bit as well.
So....bottom line is a so-so run.  I woudl have liked to really nail it, to have run 30 and feel effortless.  But I'll take the 25 and move on with the tapering  phase now over the last 4 weeks:

6 Mar: 10 miles (3 weeks to go)
13 Mar: 15 miles (2 weeks to go)
20 Mar: 10 miles (1 week to go)
27 Mar: 100 (race day)

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