Monday, March 22, 2010

Where I Run: Pig Farm 10 Miler

This shot is of a stone wall along my Pig Farm 10 miler route.  It's nearly chest high, a real work of art. 

Here’s a bit more info on the weekend run on my Pig Farm 10 miler route.  There used to be a pig farm along this route some years back—probably 15 years or so ago—but it’s long gone. Nevertheless, the name stills sticks. When I run early, I always leave a note for the bride saying “Pig Farm 10. Be back around 7:00” or similar.

I chose to run it as my last long run prior the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run because it was a familiar, friendly run. I run this route at least twice a month, and know those roads like the back of my hand. The miles always fly by and the duration of the run always seems quick and short. Each turn, each corner, are familiar but that doesn’t lessen the expectation or enjoyment of again traversing the same route. It’s like putting on a soft slipper or a comfortable sweatshirt.

I figured that since this run is such a significant component of my running I should do it as my last double digit training run. Basically it’s a rectangular route. The 2 long sides run east-west and are about 3 miles long; the north-south roads are about 2 miles long. As for the direction of travel, I usually run it clockwise, just because it seems hillier that way and a better workout….although, of course, the elevation change is the same either direction since I start and stop at my house. It’s all in the perception, I guess.

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