Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where I Run, Part 4: The View of Mount Parnell

To the west, Pennsylvania's classic Ridge and Valley topography really kicks in. 

The first ridge to the west of the Cumberland Valley is locally known as North Mountain.  It rises to about 1800' from the valley, which is generally at 600-700' elevation. 

The peak to the right of the solitary oak is Mount Parnell, part of North Mountain, as seen from Harshman Road.  The nearest village is Fort Louden along US Route 30.  The ridge to the left and behind the oak is Tuscarora Mountain.  Yes, it's the site of the Tuscarora Trail of some UltraRunning fame.  It appears lower than North Mountain in front of it, but actually is higher, checking in at around 2000'.

Mount Parnell is privately held and without public trails or roads.  So I've never run there but I include the photo since it dominates the view to the west.  Below, in a similar aspect, is the view to the west from my driveway, which includes Mount Parnell to the right of the silo.

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