Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mister Tristan Gets a Cousin

Welcome to Miss Sophia, born on 4 March!  Hopefully she will grow up to become an UltraRunner, like I hope for her sister, Miss Doodybug, and for her cousin, Mister Tristan.

I am so lucky.

Miss Sophia's birthday is also my father's birthday.  He's been gone awhile, having passed away at age 66 back in 1989.  I know that his physical conditions--heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure--are very strong motivators for me to be athletic.  He was old and unhealthy long before his time.  I fully expect to still be running ultras when I am 66.

I am so grateful that I gravitated to running in the first place, then graduated to UltraRunning.  This sport has helped me keep both my physical and mental health, so I can be there for these little ones.

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