Monday, March 21, 2011

Ultrarunning Insults

So we're are war again...I'm still trying to digest that one. 

Rather than shoot from the hip and comment upon our intervention in Libya, let's instead talk about some politeness on the trail, shall we?

I am getting older and my hair is largely gray mixed with blond.  Of late I have found myself being referred to as "Sir" when strangers speak to me.

I can understand that happening in public, on the street, after all, it's just the polite thing to do.  But it now has happened in Ultra races.  As in, "Looking good, sir!" when being passed by someone half my age. 

Seriously, this has happened.  More than once.  "Looking good, sir!"

So...I am going to study this clip (and the original as well).  I want to be prepared.  Next time somebody passes me in a race and uses the S word, I swear, I'm gonna unleash hell on them in the form of a torrent of insults such as the world has never seen or heard.

Check out the clip, here and embedded below:


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