Thursday, March 17, 2011

Climate Change Denial

Talking Points Memo is one of my daily reads.  An excerpt from Wednesday (and you should read the entire article):

Thirty-one Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee -- the entire Republican contingent on the panel -- declined on Tuesday to vote in support of the very idea that climate change exists.

Democrats on the panel had suggested three amendments that said climate change is a real thing, is caused by humans and has potentially dire consequences for the future. The amendments came on a Republican bill to block the EPA from offering regulations to mitigate the results of global climate shifts. The global scientific community is in near unanimous agreement that climate change is real, and that humans contribute to it.

Now that's some forward thinking.  Don't these dolts have children?  Grandchildren?  Party loyalty evidently trumps everything, including one's moral sense of what's right.

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